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« Breath Box » - An ephemeral installation for the Festival des Architectures Vives at La Grande Motte

La Grande-Motte, France

NAS architecture

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La Seyne-sur-Mer, France

Pietri Architectes

Construction of 59 housing units

Paris, France, 2014-09-15 -

From sketch to completion

The obsession to always be able to see the sea from where we live on the coast guides our pens from the first sketches and never fails to inspire another way of building. As such the Redline plot could not have tolerated a single, solid block, which would have obstructed the views of the surrounding housing and prevented half of the 59 housing units from having a view of the sea.... (continued)

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Chaos and confinement: intense emotions and intimacy factors of the Kinoya equation

Montreal, Canada

Jean de Lessard, Designers Créatifs

The izakaya Kinoya swings to the raffish beat of extreme design and “nomunication”[1].

Montreal, Canada, 2014-09-12 -

For its latest Kinoya, interior designer Jean de Lessard has tapped into the sources to emulate in his design the primary spirit, function and aesthetics of the izakaya[2], as the latter was originally an informal place where people drank beer and sake. The transformation is particularly unusual that it explores through extreme design  intimacy in relationships between people, making of Kinoya a tr... (continued)

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Call for proposals - International Garden Festival 2015

Grand-Métis, Canada

The International Garden Festival

“Buzz” is the operative word guiding the 2015 International Garden Festival. The installations selected by the jury will have a special energy and connection to the natural world. They will be bold or earthy, complex or very simple.The goal is to intrigue visitors with the unusual or to impress by new ways of presenting what is common.

Grand-Métis, Canada, 2014-09-12 -

The International Garden Festival, presented at the Jardins de Métis / Reford Gardens in the Gaspésie region of Québec, is preparing its 16th edition and is issuing an international call for proposals to select designers who will create the new temporary gardens that will be presented from June 27 to September 27, 2015.


“Buzz” is the operative word guiding the 2015 International Garden Festival. The install... (continued)

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DesignTaleStudio rewards creativity -  Filo by Alessandro and Francesco Mendini

Bologna, Italy

Ceramiche Refin S.p.A.

Casalgrande, Italy, 2014-09-12 -

DesignTaleStudio, founded in 1995 by Ceramiche Refin as a creative research laboratory, launched an international design contest last February open to professionals from around the world: “Create your Tile”. The contest called for innovative ceramic ideas for residential and/or commercial flooring, expressing elements of originality, commercial potential and industrial reproducibility, and enhancing the mo... (continued)

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Daycare Nursery and collective housing Quai de la Charente

Paris, France

Margot-Duclot architectes associés (MDaa)


Paris, France, 2014-09-11 -

The founding act of the project begins with the landscape.  It is rare in Paris to be able to take advantage of panoramic views without vis-à-vis.  Yet here the site overlooks two distant landscapes:  the city and the suburbs.

The site plan combines the qualities of the site and the density of the program in order to provoke recesses and gaps in the built volume that reveal the landscape at the heart of t... (continued)