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Newsroom - Press release - Dark matter - Baptiste Debombourg

Dark matter


Baptiste Debombourg

Paris, France, 2015-10-06

"Dark Matter", contextual installation in black glass and float glass sculpture 

Paris, France, 2015-10-06 -

"Dark Matter", solo show of Baptiste Debombourg exhibited in la Chaufferie in Strasbourg at the glass Biennale,  from the 1st October until the 15th November 2015 - La Chaufferie, Hear (Haute Ecole du Rhin), 5 Rue de la Manufacture des Tabacs, 67000 Strasbourg - France.

Text by Audrey Teichmann

Dark matter is a phrase as suggestive as its nature is problematic. Once separated from the gravitational effect ...

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Newsroom - Press release - CEDRUS Residence - BOOM TOWN
A v2com exclusive

CEDRUS Residence



Montréal, Canada, 2015-10-05
Montréal, Canada, 2015-10-05 -

Located on the shore of the Gate Lake, on a slightly sloping land of almost 80 000 pi2, the chalet takes place on the edge of a cedar wood with majestic mature incline trunk trees. Although the footprint of this two-storey building is substantial, because the roof slope follows the landscape the impact of it site integration is minimal. 

The entrance to the chalet is located on the superior level whe...

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Newsroom - Press release - A world-wide unique facade made of LUCEM light transmitting concrete in Abu Dhabi - LUCEM Lichtbeton
A v2com exclusive

A world-wide unique facade made of LUCEM light transmitting concrete in Abu Dhabi


LUCEM Lichtbeton

Stolberg (Rheinland), Germany, 2015-10-01

Every facade panels is unique: projecting letters become a fascinating lighting show at night

Stolberg (Rheinland), Germany, 2015-10-01 -

Due to its rapid growth, the Arabic Emirate of Abu Dhabi is considered to be among the most modern cities of the world. Its impressive high-rise towers and architectural distinctive buildings with the generously expanded roads and highways characterize the cityscape. Part of such buildings are a large number of newly constructed magnificent mosques such as for example the Al Aziz Mosque which has been op...

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Newsroom - Press release - Harbour master's office - PietriArchitectes
A v2com exclusive

Harbour master's office



Paris, France, 2015-10-01

Located in the Var, in the town of La Londe-les-Maures, looking out to Fort de Brégançon and the Mediterranean Sea, the small 350m² building is reigniting the redevelopment of the port.

Paris, France, 2015-10-01 -

Located on the shores of the Mediterranean, in the town of La Londe-les-Maures, in the south-east of France, the “Capitainerie” is the newest location in this small seaside town.

PietriArchitectes won the tender in 2011, responding with a project in line with their work in Marseille (Bains de Mer Chauds and the Tour H99) and Seyne sur Mer (Redline apartments).

The feel of the project is conclusively mello...

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Newsroom - Press release - H67 / Studio Practice - Marie-Pierre Auger Bellavance
A v2com exclusive

H67 / Studio Practice


Marie-Pierre Auger Bellavance

Montréal, Canada, 2015-10-01

Studio Practice

Montréal, Canada, 2015-10-01 -

Moshe Safdie's Habitat 67 is an iconic landmark that has inspired architecture since its inception in 1967. This beautifully composed apartment building offers tenants the possibility of living in a village within a high-rise context. The stacking of each apartment allows each tenant to have a one-of-a-kind unit layout while sharing a garden terrace with an adjoining tenant.

The only commonality of t...