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Newsroom - Press release - Portapivot launches a B2B E-commerce store - Portapivot
A v2com exclusive

Portapivot launches a B2B E-commerce store



Les Bons Villers, Belgium, 2017-06-26

Portapivot launches a B2B E-commerce store with made-to-measure hardware aimed at interior professionals

Les Bons Villers, Belgium, 2017-06-26 -

With their discreet joinery and invisible pivoting hinges that swivel up to 360°, the high-end interior pivot doors from Portapivot, adapt perfectly to open atmosphere interior design projects.

Inside Portapivot’s elegant frame hides the “Stealth Pivot" hinge technology, an invisible pivot hinge, innovative and adaptable to a large number of situations. A unique compact hinge system that is completely versat...

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Newsroom - Press release - Lighting Up 180 Wellington - Lightemotion
A v2com exclusive

Lighting Up 180 Wellington



Ottawa, Canada, 2017-06-26

Lightemotion’s Exterior Lighting Design Highlights Architectural Beauty of Heritage Jewel

Ottawa, Canada, 2017-06-26 -

Lightemotion is excited to announce the completion of the lighting design for 180 Wellington, one of the first illumination projects to be executed within the Master Plan for the Parliamentary Precinct. 180 Wellington represents a unique expression of Beaux-Arts design, enhanced with a lighting design plan which not only brings the subtlety of its grand architecture to light, but also sets a tone for t...

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Newsroom - Press release - The Screwdriver That Fights Cancer - Hofer Studio

The Screwdriver That Fights Cancer


Hofer Studio

Kitchener, Canada, 2017-06-26

The E1 Multi 8 screwdriver is a modern update to a familiar tool that helps raise cancer funds and maintain the modern home.

Kitchener, Canada, 2017-06-26 -

Hofer Studio, the design studio founded by Canadian industrial designer Joseph Hofer, has announced the recent launch of the E1 Multi 8 screwdriver in collaboration with the cause-innovation company, Grappleworks Ltd., for the Screw Cancer™ global cause campaign.

Screw Cancer, Give Hope

Screw Cancer™ has become a new and engaging way for people affected by cancer to support their local charities. The purc...

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Newsroom - Press release - DWISS (Design Watch Independent Switzerland)  - DWISS SA
A v2com exclusive

DWISS (Design Watch Independent Switzerland) 



Lugano, Switzerland, 2017-06-26

A design-awarded Swiss microbrand of authentic and unique Swiss made timepieces, with innovative ways of displaying time

Lugano, Switzerland, 2017-06-26 -

Using pioneering materials along with creative and complex engineered constructions, DWISS produces watches with innovative ways of reading time. They are all limited edition luxury watches with the highest-grade Swiss mechanical movements and craftsmanship. DWISS timepieces prices comes directly from the factory, without distributors or retailers’ margin.

DWISS (Design Watch Independent Switzerland) is a d...

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Newsroom - Press release - Chalet Whymper - Chevallier Architectes
A v2com exclusive

Chalet Whymper


Chevallier Architectes

Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, France, 2017-06-26

The view is everything

Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, France, 2017-06-26 -

The situation was unique: Chevallier Architectes took on this project when it was on the verge of being abandoned. There were many constraints, but the Chevallier Architectes team studied the file and proposed solutions that would make it possible to successfully complete the construction, including optimization of the space.

The site is very close to the boundary of a protected wilderness, making ...