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Newsroom - Press release - DMMRC – Dubai Maritime Museum & Research Centre - Studio Niko Kapa

DMMRC – Dubai Maritime Museum & Research Centre


Studio Niko Kapa

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 2016-10-27

A Window to the Ocean

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 2016-10-27 -

Relating to both the sea and the city and in constant dialogue between them, the building is an extension of the city to the sea and vice-versa. Conceived as a continuation and a transition through the wide public space, the building dives into the ocean and merges with it. It develops as a triangular sharp form, which concentrates the public routes to the museum, through an inviting shape that draws visi...

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Newsroom - Press release - TOK - ALTO Design and Valtech



ALTO Design and Valtech

Montréal, Canada, 2016-10-27

A connected object for reserving conference rooms at a glance.

Montréal, Canada, 2016-10-27 -

On the heels of the BU hydration system, which received awards for its ingenuity and looks, industrial design firm ALTO Design and digital agency Valtech (formerly w.illi.am/) are pleased to announce their latest creation: TOK, an object that makes it easy to reserve conference rooms.

Tok is designed for small and mid-sized companies, with one to ten conference rooms, and is an affordable solution that con...

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Newsroom - Press release - H&M Taiwan office - Courtyard - J.C. Architecture

H&M Taiwan office - Courtyard 


J.C. Architecture

Xinyi District, Taiwan, 2016-10-27

2016 AAP American Architecture Prize winner

Xinyi District, Taiwan, 2016-10-27 -

The logistic office and warehouse were set among the mountains of Ruifang, on the outskirts of New Taipei City. The reconfigured space introduces a new approach to logistic offices as opposed to the stereotypical warehouse workplace. The design embodies a casual, warm and playful environment that reflects the belief in each individual’s ability to show initiative.


Given the large column span and h...

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Newsroom - Press release - Matrera Castle - Carquero Arquitectura

Matrera Castle


Carquero Arquitectura

Cádiz, Spain, 2016-10-27

Carlos Quevedo Rojas

Cádiz, Spain, 2016-10-27 -

After the partial collapse that this medieval tower suffered, being a historical landmark for its strategic position in the latest “Nazari” border through the Valley of Guadalete, where it´s cut with Bética range, we project the consolidation of this landscape icon that lost part of its imposing volume, leaving at risk the stability of the rest popup, removing with it not only part from the architectur...

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Newsroom - Press release - Knarvik Community Church - Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter

Knarvik Community Church


Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter

Oslo, Norway, 2016-10-26

New community church with cultural
and administration facilities

Oslo, Norway, 2016-10-26 - The new Community Church in Knarvik, located on the scenic west-coast of Norway north of Bergen, is built on a privileged site overlooking the cultural landscape and local town centre. The building is carefully adapted to an existing hillside between built and natural environment, providing the church with an inspiring context o the surrounding heath landscape. Its distinctive and innovative character...