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Press kit - Press release - Duoc Maipú - Sabbagh Arquitectos

Duoc Maipú

Santiago, Chile

Sabbagh Arquitectos

Santiago, Chile, 2012-05-07 - The office was founded in 1986, by Architect Juan Sabbagh P. and Designer Mariana Sabbagh P., both graduated at Universidad de Chile. In 2000 Architect Juan Pedro Sabbagh B., graduated at Universidad Católica and in 2003 Architect Felipe Sabbagh B. of the Universidad de Chile joined the team In 2002 Juan Sabbagh P. receives the National prize of Architecture, He is also a professor in the Universidad de Chile Architecture Faculty Since 1994 to 2008. Between 2004 and 2006, he was President of the School of Architects of Chile.

The office has developed its professional work in different areas, specially industries, services, education and offices. It has had an outstanding participation in the bienal of Chilean Architecture and has received numerous distinctions by its works.

The projects have been published in diverse Architecture and Technical magazines, as well as mentions in specialized books.

Within the significant projects they emphasize the ones made for the Duoc Educational Foundation, among others the Valparaiso’s seat that obtained the Juana Ross de Edwards prize and also declared Historical Conservation building by the National Monument Council and the seats of Alameda and Dieciocho consulted interventions in patrimonial buildings.

In the industrial area, the most relevant buildings are chilean Post office Central plant of Packages, Envases Central for Coca-cola company and the plant for the chemical industry, Quimetal constructed in Wood.

All this works have been selected for different Architecture bienal. Recently the Puerto Fonck fishfarming has been object of several publications in national and international magazines were the most important is Phaidon Atlas of the 21st Century , recently published.
In the commercial area the Copec company chain of Gas stations and convenience stores, with numerous facilities all over the country.

In the institutional area the HNS bank corporative building, today Rabobank, winner of Bienal 2002 and selected for the Iberoamerican Bienal.
At mentioned bienal in 2002, the Torre’s House in Caburga’s lake receives as well the prize in its category.

This year two recent works; Floating houses for fishfarming workers in the Patagonia channels and the corporate building for the Duoc foundation, are selected for Bienal 2008 and finalists in 2008 World Architecture Festival in Barcelona.
Duoc building obtains the prize of the Chilean bienal and wins as well in the offices category in Barcelona.

Data sheet

Official name of the project: Duoc Maipú
Location: AV. Esquina Blanca 506, Maipú, Santiago, Chile
Client: Fundación DUOC-UC
Architects / Designers: Juan Sabbagh P.- Mariana Sabbagh P.- Juan Pedro Sabbagh B.-Felipe Sabbagh B.-Marcial Olivares
Project manager: Juan Sabbagh P - Juan Pedro Sabbagh
Design team: Sabbagh Arquitectos
Collaborators: Jorge Ramirez Engineers: Gatica y Jiménez
Landscape architects: Piera Sartori
Contractor: PRECON
Lighting design: Mónica Pérez
Surface: 10.183,39 m2 Land Surface : 24.335,4 m2
Budget: $1165 m2
Project end date: 2010 Photographer: Francisca Polanco (franpolanco@gmail.com)
Main Materials: Structure, pillars, slabs and walls are of Concrete. Metal walkways. Coating glass and metal mesh.

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