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Press kit - Press release - Cone Chair, Caldeira, Pipelite, Hold On and Ex-Voto - Xavier Lust

Cone Chair, Caldeira, Pipelite, Hold On and Ex-Voto

Brussels, Belgium

Xavier Lust

Milan, Italy, 2013-04-09 - Xavier Lust presents his latest creations at the Salon del Mobile from April 9 to 14, 2013. Save the date!

A Lot Of Brasil is a young and dynamic creative Brazilian company with years of experience in the diffusion of European design in South America.
Last year it called some of the design scene's greatest names to move one step ahead in the production of furniture for the global world.
Producing high quality furniture in Brazil constitute an original cultural approach. It allows for the use of different natural materials and even gave me new ways to create furniture design.
The collection will be presented during Milan design week 2013

A new concept designed for A Lot Of Brasil, this chair inspired by nature's curves is built without mould with an optimal economy of means.
Like the body of an insect suspended on thin straight legs, the dynamic conic shell with it's soft felt inside offers great comfort.

The original mirror, the first one, was the still water of a lake. The caldera or crater lake is a vast area that forms at the heart of some volcanoes after an eruption, many of which slowly fills with water. They inspired this collection of mirrors with turbulent whirling edges.

Produced at extremely high temperature, melting glass takes shape just as a mass of lava running down a volcano and covering its reliefs. Over time, nature sets this chaos and a plane of freshwater replaces the overwhelming energy of lava. The
Caldeira - in French - sends us back a beautiful reflection.

H 100 x 102 cm
H 230 x 102 cm

Wall mounted lamp to be used both indoor and outdoor
Chromium- plated brass

Pipelite spotlight is made of simple cylindrical elements.
The halogen light bulb (PAR 20) plays an important role in the aesthetic impact of the piece.

It exists in 3 variations of depth 12 / 20 / 30 cms x 14 xes 13 cms

Structures reduced to the essential, simplicity of drawing and economy of means characterize this collection composed of lacquered steel modules that can be working surfaces, console tables or shelves, according to their dimensions. They are easily fixed on any type of wall thanks to their vertical supports resting on the ground.

Designed for private, professional or commercial spaces, with well studied dimensions and minimum footprint, these four elements easily fit into small rooms, giving priority to comfort and freedom of movement.

The elements' flexibility and complementarity allow for multiple combinations and configurations.

Console : 900 x 300 mm, H 1000 mm, for the entry hall or as a support for TV, decoders, electronic devices, dossiers…

Desk :1400 x 700 mm, H 740 mm, a desk for home office or workplace.

Side board : 1600 x 300 mm, H 1100 mm, free use shelf, it can also be combined with Desk for an optimal working station.

Stand: 650 x 450 mm, H 740 mm, dimensioned for printers and other devices, this element can also become an "internet point".

Fruit bowl in blown glass

Sacred and magical votive offering, the fruits laid on this bowl seem to levitate. This object pays a tribute to the forms of nature's unequalled perfection, it's top view, an ovoidal form, a hint to fertility.

Xavier Lust

Born in 1969, he studied interior design at Institut Saint-Luc before opening his own Studio in Brussels. In 2000 Xavier Lust started to design for MDF Italia, an ongoing relationship which was the start of his collaboration with leading international producers such as Driade, De Padova, Cerruti Baleri, Fiam, Extremis…

His work is clearly identifiable through the visible tension he gives to his objects, and the curves inspired by his innovative (de)formation process of metallic surfaces. He has received of dozens of awards including Compasso d'Oro. His work has appeared in over 50 exhibitions and is a regular feature in international design publications. He is a regularly invited guest lecturer at leading art and design institutions around the world. " A wonderful aspect of Xavier's work is the illusion of lightness and motion," writes the Russian critic Olga Bozhko. "In his designs he manages to express what seems impossible. It's seems as though his works are not created; they are born."

The Xavier Lust design studio
works in four areas of design:

- Industrially produced furniture and accessories
- Limited editions and pieces for art galleries
- Interior architecture
- Industrial design and street furniture

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Press kit | 959-02 - Press release | Cone Chair, Caldeira, Pipelite, Hold On and Ex-Voto - Xavier Lust - Product - Caldeira MIRRORS - Photo credit: Xavier Lust
Caldeira MIRRORS
Photo credit: Xavier Lust
Very High-resolution image
18.04 x 24.05
Press kit | 959-02 - Press release | Cone Chair, Caldeira, Pipelite, Hold On and Ex-Voto - Xavier Lust - Product - Caldeira MIRRORS - Photo credit: Xavier Lust
Caldeira MIRRORS
Photo credit: Xavier Lust
Very High-resolution image
24.05 x 18.04