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Press kit - Press release - Plasticase is proud to launch its all-new rugged case product NANUKNANO - Plasticase Inc.
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Plasticase is proud to launch its all-new rugged case product NANUKNANO

Montréal, Canada

Plasticase Inc.

Montréal, Canada, 2014-12-12 -

Innovation through industrial design is the cornerstone of Plasticase, and it is the company’s secret weapon in its drive to compete with global giants in the industry. The company, celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, has designed and manufactured millions of plastic cases and sold them worldwide. One of its first products, the 639 attachécase, made its début as a “cool” accessory for students and young professionals.


Today, working mainly on a B2B (business-to-business) basis, Plasticase’s product lines are tailored to the highly specialized needs of fields such as medical equipment, electronics, tools, military and law enforcement.


In late 2012, Plasticase hired Météore Design to create an all-new consumer-oriented outdoor line, NANUKNANO. Météore Design is well known for its innovative and distinctive products. For the NANUKNANO project, the firm’s director, industrial designer Jean-François Jacques, was assisted by designer Alexandre Tardif.


The mandate was to design small handheld cases. Their primary benefits are the ability to hold personal belongings while being impact and water-resistant, and to inspire desire through their performance and aesthetic appeal. Whether you need to carry your smartphone through the Amazon jungle, ride over rugged terrain on your mountain bike or take a long, tough canoe trip, every detail of a NANUKNANO case has been designed and built to meet exacting standards that exceed the requirements of the most demanding users. From their shock-resistant polycarbonate resin shells to the patented PowerClaw latch, to a valve for pressure control and elastomer over moulding providing both internal protection and exterior shock absorption, the practically indestructible NANUKNANO cases are available in eight colours and three sizes. A smart strap allows you to carry the case with confidence, using an adjustable wrist strap or by attaching it securely to a boat, belt or knapsack.


It should also be noted that at the 7th edition of the GRANDS PRIX DU DESIGN in January 2014, the team from Météore Design and Plasticase won a grand prize for industrial design for their NANUKNANO product.


This project was made possible by the significant involvement of our client Plasticase, including president Jean-Pierre Grenier, director of design Benjamin Coley, mechanical engineer Pierre-Luc Ouimet and sales manager Frank Vitiello.


The NANUKNANO product line is protected by invention and industrial design patents.


Plasticase has revolutionized several fields, and remains dedicated to pursuing its mission of innovation by designing and manufacturing high-performance, top-quality products that meet current technology standards while being adapted to today’s economic and environmental realities. Its objectives are always to invest in research and development to arrive at inventive solutions and products of exceptional quality and to be ahead of the competition at all times.


The Météore Design team is innovative, ingenious, aesthetically aware and always seeks to promote a harmonious user-product relationship. The team works to develop essential products for needs and uses driven by new lifestyles. From blank page to final product, its creative process is informed by a holistic product development vision. 


NANUKNANO cases are available in 8 colours and 3 sizes. Canada/ USA/ International : Plasticase.com

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Press kit | 1598-01 - Press release | Plasticase is proud to launch its all-new rugged case product NANUKNANO - Plasticase Inc. - Product - Photo credit: Plasticase Inc.
Photo credit: Plasticase Inc.
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