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Press kit - Press release - Havearest:  the new furniture range from A4Adesign - A4Adesign

Havearest: the new furniture range from A4Adesign

Milan, Italy


Milan, Italy, 2012-11-26 - The Italian company A4Adesign, internationally known for its creations in recycled cardboard, presents the new range of “havearest” furniture: a functional pause ten years from its first project. Particularly suited to large areas, iconic venues and prestigious events, “havearest” was successfully tested at the Milan Fashion Week in September and proved to be ideal for installations that focus on image and environmental respect.

Havearest. New entry in A4Adesign’s set-design catalogue.

The new series of “havearest” furnishings officially enters A4Adesign’s set-design
catalogue in conjunction with the company’s
10th anniversary.

The new entry consists of an armchair and two-seater sofa entirely made from recycled and recyclable cardboard that are assembled by simply dovetailing the pieces together with water-glue. This flexible, resistant and clean material plays a fundamental role in the realization of the project.

Tested in Milan last September, when it was given a sneak preview at the inauguration of the Patrizia Pepe showroom in the prestigious former Palazzo delle Poste (historic Post Office building), “havearest”
is aimed at the events and contract sectors, and is ideal for large public areas like hotels and theatres. Because it comes into its own in large spaces which make the most of its geometric silhouette and scenographic potential.

The essential lines which are typical of the Milanese brand’s style, the versatility and the scenic impact make it an evergreen, just like the long-sellers
bookstack (the bookshelf which is A4Adesign’s most successful item) and streep (the stretch bench that can be over three metres long).

is an important step in the life of A4Adesign, marking the first ten years of the company’s activities with an invitation to take a break. A laid-back and creative break.

Data Sheet

name of the product series: havearest
produced by: A4Adesign Milan
dimensions of armchair: 100 x 75 x 80 cm
dimensions of two-seater sofa: 200 x 75 x 80 cm
material: recycled and recyclable honeycomb cardboard
colour: natural cardboard
designers: Giovanni Rivolta, Nicoletta Savioni, Markùs Stefànsson
designed in 2012
included in the 2013 set-design catalogue
usage: ideal for large public areas like hotels, theatres etc.
• product info and prices: info@a4adesign.it;
tel +39 02 45477928
• photo credits: A4Adesign

The sustainable lightness of design.

A4Adesign was born in Milan from an idea hatched by architects Nicoletta Savioni and Giovanni Rivolta who began designing objects and furnishing accessories in an unusual material: honeycomb cardboard. Their immediate success, in particular in northern Europe, turned this interest into a full-time occupation.

Since 2002 A4Adesign has devoted itself systematically to the creation of objects, toys, furniture and accessories. It designs and produces stage settings and installations for exhibition, commercial and entertainment areas for adults and children. Everything is made from recycled and recyclable cardboard, running the entire gamut of the possibilities offered by this material, from pocket-sized to macro dimensions.

A4Adesign is inspired by archetypal forms, and its style is one of clean lines that resort to contrasts when necessary. Its projects are always spectacular and are the synthesis of different elements: the eye of the designer, the overall vision of the architect (a profession the designers still practice), the playful component in designing, the use of an ecological and easy-to-handle material. In A4Adesign catalogue there are dozens of articles, pieces of furniture and multifunctional accessories for events, shops and fairs, film and TV sets.

A4Adesign’s preference is for ideas and projects that are coherent with sustainable development, which is one of the key values of the company. Using an ecological and ostensibly poor material is a choice of sobriety, and an act of respect for collective, useful and shareable resources.

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