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Press kit - Press release - London exhibition of new works - Françoise Fredj Weill

London exhibition of new works

London, United Kingdom

Françoise Fredj Weill

London, United Kingdom, 2012-09-03 - September brings the opening of French artist/craftsman Françoise Fredj Weill’s second London exhibition in which she will unveil new pieces from her Collect-xion furniture series. Organized by London-based French art consultant Eloise Benzekri, the title of the exhibition, “Marks”, takes its inspiration from the quote "Le souvenir commence avec la cicatrice" (“memory begins with a scar”) by Alain.

The large table with feathers suggests the idea of a deep open mark, but one difficult to decipher. The Tree table, with its sinuous branches and leaves, reveals the different roads of life and the choices one has made. The pieces decorated with gingko biloba leaves made of porcelain put in evidence the brutal contrast between their fragility and the hardness of the metal.

COLLECT-XION is a line of furniture created in 2003 in Paris by Françoise Fredj Weill. The concept of the line was not only to create beautiful pieces but also to tell a story; a story of the partnership between craftsmanship and concept. The first piece was a contemporary table but soon many original and unique pieces were added to the collection. The base of each piece, be it a table, a shelf or a light, is metal, but the materials used to complete it are varied: pastels, feathers, porcelain, felt, etc. Metal is used as the base material as a result of Weill's admiration for artists such as Jannis Kounellis and his Arte Povera.

Combining metal and other material is the essence of Weill's work. Wanting to avoid repetition and convention, organic materials are selected and included, giving beauty, life and poetry to each piece, which reflects the combination of art, design and craft.

“I try not to follow the trends of contemporary furniture design, I try to remain free and keep my mind open. Inspiration is more likely to come from looking at nature or art. A single detail can sometimse take me into a new world of ideas…” says Weill.

Notes to editors
Media preview and cocktail reception on Wednesday 12 September, from 5pm
To RSVP please contact Ciara Phillips, Ciara@ciaraphillips.co.uk / +44 (0)7584 902347

“Marks” by Françoise Fredj Weill
South Kensington
London SW7

Held in a private townhouse, the exhibition consists of 18 pieces, 7 of which are unique pieces

Dates: 13 September to 2 November 2012
By appointment only, please contact Eloise Benzekri, +44 (0)7825840855

About Françoise Fredj Weill

Françoise Fredj Weill was born in 1956 in Oran, Algeria. She studied Chinese and then worked from 1976 to 1982 in the family business, a designer shoe brand in Paris. The following fifteen years saw her working in the creative industry, as a PR and marketing executive for a French fashion brand. In 1994, she started her own company placing French brands in South America and South Africa.

In 1996, she launched the first contemporary art show in Abu Dhabi in association with the Galerie Claude Bernard (Paris). Soon after, she decided to create her own line of furniture in order to express her ideas garnered from her experiences.

In 2003, she moved to Madrid. Her work has since then been shown in Madrid, Paris and London.

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