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Press kit - Press release - Allez-Up – Montreal’s First Rock Climbing Gym - Smith Vigeant architectes

Allez-Up – Montreal’s First Rock Climbing Gym

Montreal, Canada

Smith Vigeant architectes

The prize “Project of the year 2013” of the 7th edition of the GRANDS PRIX DU DESIGN is awarded to Smith Vigeant Architects for Allez-Up which also won the Prize in the category "Training Center" and the Special Prize "Color".

Montreal, Canada, 2014-02-06 - The rock climbing gym Allez-Up is at the heart of the revitalization project for Montreal’s Southwest borough. Flanking the Lachine Canal, the site and silos of the old Redpath sugar refinery have been converted into a one-of-a-kind indoor rock-climbing facility, adding significantly to the recreational and tourist attractions of the Canal.

Developing the abandoned silos into a rock-climbing gym is a unique way to maximize the enormous potential of these historic vestiges from Montreal’s industrial past.

The climbing wall formations within the main building actually resemble sugar cliffs, reminding visitors of the original function of the Redpath silos. These pure-white, angular climbing walls offer many different routes for both beginners as well as seasoned climbers. The multi-coloured climbing-holds speckled across the walls add to the dynamic charm of this unique interior space.

The siding and outer metallic building envelope pay tribute to the industrial and monolithic character of this site, while the massive windows gaze far out onto St-Patrick Street. In long shafts, abundant natural light saturates the space, creating an effect of crevasses and voids on the climbing walls and revealing the interior climbing surfaces - a truly colourful heart at the centre of a metallic exterior.

About Smith Vigeant architects

Daniel Smith and Stéphan Vigeant have been working together since 1992 to define an architectural practice that transcends the traditional scope of the profession. Their vision, combined with diverse and extensive professional experience, now extends to a wide range of projects from the residential, institutional, corporate, leisure and urban sectors.

Their integrated, sustainable approach enables the team to pioneer solid and unique design solutions that effectively incorporate their collective expertise. With this holistic approach to design, all components of a building are integrated from the initial design phase until completion.

The team at Smith Vigeant have built a deep portfolio that includes a broad array of projects varying in scope and complexity, that are cost-effective, energy efficient and have low environmental impact. Smith Vigeant is committed to environmentally responsible architecture as well as the creation of healthy and inspiring spaces that positively impact the people that use them. Their approach is focused on multidisciplinary collaboration that respects the project site.

The firm is acclaimed for creating buildings with a distinct identity, which meet the highest standards of sustainability while reflecting the unique vision of each client. Recognized for conceptual clarity and the sleek craftsmanship of their design projects, Smith Vigeant insists on excellence in the quality of the projects that are born from their designs, ensuring that each idea is expressed down to the smallest detail.

Data sheet:

Name of project: Centre d’escalade allez UP Rock Climbing Gym
Location: 1555, rue Saint-Patrick, Montréal (QC) Canada
Name of client: Richer - de la Plante Family
Architects/designers: Smith Vigeant architects
Architect in charge: Daniel Smith, architect, OAQ, LEED®PA
Design Team: Daniel Smith, Karine Renaud, Anik Malderis, Étienne Penault,
Cindy Neveu, Mélanie Quesnel, Stéphan Vigeant.
Engineers: NCK Inc & Martin Roy et associates
Landscape Architects: Groupe Rousseau Lefebvre
Contractor: eSpace Construction Inc
Lighting Design: Smith Vigeant architects et Martin Roy et associates
Furniture: Wood-skin by mammafotogramma
Project size: 1 220 M2 (14 000pi2)
Cost: 5M$
Date of completion: 08/2013
Photographer: Stéphane Brugger

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