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Our mission is to offer a friendly and efficient service for the media. We take special pride in their satisfaction. Here are some testimonials.
— Since learning about v2com just over a year ago, we have seen a wide variety of interesting design and architecture projects from around the world on the platform. It has allowed us to enrich our content and strengthen our editorial lines. Each creation and project is accompanied by richly detailed copy and photographs, allowing us to showcase the architects’ and designers’ work in the best possible light. v2com establishes a perfect link between designers and our media outlet. It is an essential platform for every contemporary design professional and enthusiast.
Camille Caruana, Editor-in-Chief & Co-founder
Journal du design
— Since I first took contact with v2com I have been impressed by the quality and originality of the content available to download. My magazine, a quarterly devoted mainly to interior design, regularly uses its news, which have always been very well received by our readers. Moreover, the v2com team is always ready to assist with any ideas and suggestions related to publication. It's really an exceptional tool for any editor.
María Luisa Mac Kay, Editor-in-Chief
Revista Casa FOA
— After spending so much time searching for new architecture projects, v2com has become a useful resource that helps us to be more efficient. v2com acts as a bridge that connects our media platform with architects' work, allowing us to publish projects on time.
Fernanda Castro, Projects Editor
— v2com provides us with a wealth of design news, information and professional imagery arranged in an easy-to-access format. The stories that they generate are relevant, comprehensive and well-selected, allowing us to focus more on creating good content than trying to source and fact-check. We do our job better with v2com.
Jaime Derringer, Founder + Executive Editor
United States
— v2com is a fully integrated platform capturing the latest innovative interiors, architectural gems and public interventions news. The resources provide vibrant images and rich descriptions, easing the process most web- and print-based editors go through on a daily basis. Cutting the middle-man out, v2com stays up-to-date.
Adrian Madlener, Web Editor
Frame Magazine
The Netherlands
— v2com is a hugely valuable resource for showcasing new creative studios and firms around the globe. As the Editor of Azure magazine, I am always searching for the latest innovations in architectural and design, and v2com has become one of my top go-to sites for sourcing new projects.
Catherine Osborne, Azure Magazine
Azure Magazine
— v2com is the best provider of architecture press kits that currently exists. Our publishing house publishes books and two magazines on the subject of architecture (Trama and Entorno) using v2com’s excellent info and optimal-quality images. The web platform works great and the support is outstanding.
Romulo Moya Peralta, Architect and CEO
Trama Publishers
— As a source for individuals like us who are seeking design news from around the world, v2com is invaluable: timely, discriminating and far-reaching. Not to mention beautifully presented.
Michael Totzke, Editor
Canadian Interiors
— v2com provides Diseño Interior the opportunity to get relevant news about design, architecture and art from Canada, something that is not easy to achieve from Spain. Contents from other countries are also offered and many of them are suitable for us. The website setup is really useful and easy to navigate. As editors, we are grateful for your collaboration and help.
Pilar Marcos, Editor
Diseño Interior
— As an editor, I appreciate receiving the press releases from v2com for the following reasons: they are recognisable and the intro text is not too long, allowing me to quickly make a decision if it is interesting news for our readers. What they send is relevant to Archello and they do not send too many. The press info is easily downloadable. High-quality images are always provided. They make it easy for the editor to dissect the news and that is the most important factor for time-short editors.
Mark Studholme, Editor in Chief
The Netherlands
— We love the new v2com website; it’s a great source of interesting stories, easy to access for our editorial staff from wherever they are, and as an online magazine, we have contributors living around the world.
Valentina Fini / Marilina Nichilo, Editor in chief / Contributor